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Top 5 Fall Essentials Every Woman Needs

We've given it much thought and after careful contemplation, we've narrowed down the top five essentials you must own this season. Click through to see each one on our favorite celebrities!The Pencil Skirt:

Photo: hubpages.com

A pencil skirt is an incredibly versatile piece because it can be worn day or night. Wear one to work, for example, paired with a button-down for a refined and sophisticated look. At night, give your skirt a sexy spin by adding a blousey top or slinky tank. We particularly like high-waisted cuts like the one Hilary Duff is wearing--just be sure to tuck in your shirt so you don't end up looking more frumpy than feminine.

The Lightweight Transitional Jacket:

Photo: starstyleinc.com

When you're in between seasons, a lightweight jacket is a necessity. This piece will keep the chill out when you're running to and fro and is just as appropriate for indoor activities--whether it's a office meeting or a dinner out with friends. Take a cue from Olivia Palermo, who recently wore her textured, tweedy version over a black tank and black pants. Not only did the piece add a level of polish to her look (without adding bulk), but by layering it over a sleeveless top, it made her outfit fall-appropriate.

The Short-Sleeved Sweater:

Photo: zimbio

Short-sleeved sweaters are great transition pieces. You get all the benefits of wearing a cozy knit, without suffering the extra heat that comes with sleeves. On days when it's a little chilly, try wearing a snug one over a long-sleeved blouse like Claudia Schiffer for a cool layered effect. Topping off the look with a chic scarf really brings that fall feel home.

The Colorful Cami:

Photo: naomiwatts.org

What's the easiest way to add a dose of color to an outfit? Add a bright camisole like Naomi Watts did to break up her all black ensemble.You wore them all summer, and with a little styling creativity, your camis can be easily repurposed for fall.Whether you loosely drape one over a pair of pants or tuck it into a skirt, this piece is a crucial building block. Opt for one with a conservative neckline so you can wear it in all situations, whether you're going out at night or heading to the office.

The Plaid Shirt:

Photo: popsugar.com

Plaid shirts can be incredibly sophisticated: Just look at Jessica Alba. Worn with sleek black pants or a high-waisted skirt, the pattern adds interest in a super-cool way. Steer clear of too-loose options (this is not the grungy '90s!), which can look overly casual, and be on the hunt for options that fit trim to the body. Remember, you want to wear this fall look, not the other way around.

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