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Leather Pants: From Man Getter to Man Repeller

If your best guy friend doesn't understand why you own harem pants--much less, why they're actually cool--you'll identify with Leandra Medine's hilarious blog, manrepeller.com. It's a diary of her unfailing devotion to high fashion, her willingness to try edgier looks, and...how her oufits are received by the opposite sex. We've asked her to blog for us all week on Lucky Right Now.

While I stay committed to outfitting myself by the guidelines of my alias, it's important to note that several key sartorial staples fall into the Man Getting category season after season. Take leather pants, for example. No doubt these skin-tight, rock 'n' roll classics are like a siren song to guys, luring them to attempt the mating process that you are avidly trying to avoid. But! This does not mean you can't repel in them, courtesy of a few key styling tricks. Below, a handy tutorial that will help turn these historically Man Getter trousers into delightfully trendy Man Repellers.

Images via Naomi ShonandChuck Grant;Pants, Topshop. Top, The Kooples. Heels, Brian Atwood.

Very rarely can a woman go wrong with leather--it's a one-way ticket to looking dangerously sexy. And when I pair these pants with a plain cotton tank and steep metallic stilettos, I'm doubly armed to Man Get. Not okay.

Image via Naomi Shon; Pants, Topshop. Blouse, Zara. Necklaces, Jimmy Choo x H&M. Clutch, Reece Hudson. Brogues, Steve Madden .

Here, however, I've traded in the flimsy cotton for a silk blouse, with shoulder pads so thick that they ease the gravitational pull of these overly chunky necklaces. The stilettos get ditched for a more comfortable, practical shoe: the brogue. Once referred to by a guy friend of mine as "party shoes for boys," these kicks are decidedly male-deterring in their bro-ness. Lastly, no look is complete without an oversize clutch. Ever.

If you find that this is still not enough, add some granny-ish (but sublime) leopard print to the equation.

Look how happy I am. A Man Repeller can't change her spots. I dare you to try and score a date in this getup. No really--try it, and then send in your photos and tell of your tales.

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