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Get the Look: Proenza Schouler F/W 2010

If your best guy friend doesn't understand why you own harem pants--much less, why they're actually cool--you'll identify with Leandra Medine's hilarious blog, manrepeller.com. It's a diary of her unfailing devotion to high fashion, her willingness to try edgier looks, and...how her oufits are received by the opposite sex. We've asked her to blog for us all week on Lucky Right Now.

While spring shows are talk of the town, I am about to show you an image from (gasp!) a fall/winter 2010 collection. Newsflash, world, it is fall/winter 2010 right now and this is about paying forward realness to the public. So as much as I enjoy writing poetic prose about turbans and floral print harem pants during fashion month, it's time to get real. Real fancy, that is! It should be no surprise to you by now that I have an unhealthy obsession with Proenza Schouler. You've likely heard me say "I would trade my first born child to obtain ownership over the entire collection..." yada yada yada deal with the devil bla bla c-section. While that's all fine and true, reality bites, with shark teeth. So here's the next best thing: a post about getting the look without proverbially breaking le bank.

Image via Style.com

When I livestreamed the collection last February I said things like "OMG," "the holy grail of suicide chic," and "I'm dying." I wasn't actually dying. I dreamed about this outfit for months.

Now it can be yours: watch and learn.

First things first: put on your best suicide face. You can't do Proenza f/w 2010 without it so get your morbid juice flowing. Once you've done that...

Images by Naomi Shon

You'll need:

A white button up oxford. Try the Lands' End catalog for chaps.It provides a real bang for your buck--this one is just $19.50.

Agray cardigan.Taken from the little chaps at Zara for $19.99.

Once you've done this, it's up to you to accessorize with matching red shoes and lips. Should you want to emulate me down to the shoe, a little birdy told me these T-strap Christian Loubooties are on sale at The Outnet.

Once this is complete...

Dance around like a fancy flamingo in your Proenza outfit because it only cost $140.00!

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