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A Guide to Man-Repelling Accessories

If your best guy friend doesn't understand why you own harem pants--much less, why they're actually cool--you'll identify with Leandra Medine's hilarious blog, manrepeller.com. It's a diary of her unfailing devotion to high fashion, her willingness to try edgier looks, and...how her oufits are received by the opposite sex. We've asked her to blog for us all week on Lucky Right Now.

Now that you've become familiar with the concept of man repelling and the glory that comes with it, let's talk accessories. You'd be surprised at how effective a simple scarf, hat, or necklace can be in an effort to shield off men. Bonus points for any jewelry accents that resemble violent weaponry. Crazy girl with bullets, table for one.

Below, find three items that will make even the most sultry lingerie at Victoria's Secret look like sartorial pesticide.

1. A Plaid Poncho

Dress: Kimberly Taylor, military jacket: Veda, shoes: Pierre Hardy for Gap, hat: Pendleton, poncho: questionable

Regarding the poncho displayed, questionable is not a brand. This plaid number comes with an anecdote. You see, last year I was in Paris when I walked into a vintage shop in Le Marais and spotted the poncho that would double as a chunky scarf. It was 8 Euros, 11 US dollars at the time. Cool, right? Thrifty, right? Wrong. Two weeks later, back in the land of familiar currency, I passed Union Square's Forever 21 where I saw an enormous rack of my vintage poncho from Paris just sitting around, lonely, selling for $4 a pop. I looked at the label inside my poncho. It was, in fact, Heritage 1981. Man Repeller fail. Sob stories aside, do note that I've turned my tight black minidress into a man repeller. Granted, I added a temple topper to complete the look's potential but even without the hat, I look pretty silly (read: awesome).

2. A Fur Headdress

Sometimes I fear I may run out of blog material, and then Martin Margiela does something like this. I don't care if you're wearing a Kim Kardashian for Bebe sequined minidress with butt pads implanted into the behind , this headdress will send our y-chromosome counterparts running fast. At $4,450, the price is pretty steep, but think about it: You can't put a price tag on the prospect of having a furry animal chilling at the top of your head. You just can't. Get yours at SSENCE.

3. Weapons as Jewels

Dannijo's Cosima necklace is a particular favorite of mine and that speaks poorly to its ability to impress your man friend. Once while I was donning Assad Mounser's moonage daydream necklace, a man friend asked me, "Is the necklace a sign of the pain that's to come? Look at those bullets!" He's no longer a man friend, just a man. Consider the trend a fashionable way to protect yourself.

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