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The Secret to Making Your Eyes Look Bigger

I once rode in an elevator with a very, VERY famous fashion editor. It was just the two of us and after a moment of total silence she stared at my skinny black trousers, which I'd rolled up an inch or two, and said, "It's the eternal question of trousers, isn't it? Do you wear them shorter and show a bit of ankle, which is flattering -- or do you wear them long, to make your legs look longer?"

There was no answering the question -- and in any case, I was too shocked and scared to speak. But in that spirit, I shall now pose the eternal question of eyeliner: Should you wear it along your lower lashline? I think not.

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown says that it all depends on the shape of your eye. But in real, everyday life (outside runway shows and rock bands and wild parties), it seems to me that lower-lid eyeliner is generally a no-win. It tends to automatically make your eyes look smaller, whereas liner just along the top lashes does just the opposite. (Try Sonia Kashuk's Precision Eyeliner Brush and Longwear Gel Liner on your upper lashline and see if I'm wrong.)

Case in point: The super-gorgeous January Jones at a couple of recent events, with eyeliner top and bottom vs. eyeliner on the top lid only.

Is anyone with me on this? And, bonus question: What's your answer to the eternal question of trousers?

Photo Source: Primped & Pierce Mattie

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