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Issa's Making It Easier for You to Get Your Hands on Kate Middleton's Dress

The following is a guest post from our friends at FabSugar.

Admittedly, we've been eyeing Kate Middleton's engagement photos with envy, but it's not just because of the rock, or her fiance. Actually, since we spied the soon-to-be princess smiling in her easy, sexy, royal blue silk jersey dress, we've wanted to add a piece of the Issa label to our own wardrobes. As luck would have it, the London-based Issa founder and designer, Daniella Helayel, got the message.

With sights set on expanding the label into a global brand, Daniella announced plans to relaunch in the US, offer e-commerce through the Issa website and open six stores in her native Brazil. And, if you're wondering what might be in store for fall, this designer's got more to love than Kate's little blue dress: "I've got an amazing print archive and hundreds of dress shapes--most of which have never been used."

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