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Lucky Loves: Jack Vartanian Jewelry

We all remember the episode of The Rachel Zoe Project when Rachel was the recipient of a gold handcuff bracelet for her wedding anniversary from her beleaguered husband, Rodger. That bracelet was the handiwork of Brazilian fine jeweler Jack Vartanian, whose celeb following includes Gisele Bundchen, Demi Moore and Kate Hudson amongst others.

He opened his first North American flagship store on Madison Avenue last year, and I recently popped in for a visit, which was quite disastrous for my credit card. As I drooled over the baubles and black diamonds that were just out of this stratosphere gorgeous (and expensive), my eye landed upon the adorable letter necklaces, made out of 14 karat gold with teeny-tiny diamonds, for a teeny-tiny price (comparatively). I had to snap one up immediately to pay homage to my husband. After all, it's really for him, right?

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