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Pierre Hardy Lands in the West Village

Legendary shoe designer Pierre Hardy has opened up shop on one of the quaintest stretches of the Village, at 30 Jane Street. As not to disturb the historic beauty of the neighborhood, the boutique is discreetly set in an old carriage house. It's so discreet in fact, that I could barely find the entrance! Over Pierre's favorite coffee from a cafe next door (he mentioned how New York it felt, everyone typing away on their laptops), we discussed how the new location is a dream realized, and how the modernity of the city fuels his creativity.

Why New York? "If I didn't live in Paris, I'd be a New Yorker and I feel at home in this area because it looks very European. I only made slight changes to update the exterior [of the space], as I did with the Paris boutique." We agreed that today's shopper longs for an intimate, but modern setting.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Pierre! Head to the new location toshop his resort collection. (Our favorite piece--a sandal inspired by the skyscrapers of New York City!)

Pierre Hardy, 30 Jane St., NYC 10014

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