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Style Bubble: J'Aime Mon Scarf Skirt

For her wildly popular blog, Style Bubble , London-based Susie Bubble (no, it's not her real name) draws inspiration from indie designers, fashion history, and her own closet. We've asked her to blog for us all week on Lucky Right Now.

If you haven't devoted half an hour or so browsing through Hermes' microsite dedicated to their campaign entitled "J'aime Mon Carre," then I suggest doing so, not because you want to frustrate yourself with the abundance of cuteness presented via young and hip It Girls from London, Tokyo, New York and Paris, captured beautifully by photographer Matt Irwin, but because the premise of the campaign is that the silk scarf is infinitely versatile and picking up tricks through Hermes' instructional 'knotting cards' is actually useful.

It was once said that Audrey Hepburn in her ballet dancer and slightly impoverished days came into class every day managing to change her look with the different way she wore her scarf, which further adds fuel to buying up silk scarves as handy styling tricks. They don't necessarily need to be Hermes either. I've inherited a few from my mother and my grandmother but I frequently come across vintage ones in markets as well as seeing many job lots on eBay too. The result is that whilst I have a few of my favorites that I'll wear in a multitude of ways, I also have an excess of silk square scarfs that I quite like looking at all piled up in a twisted and knotted pile as the patterns come together.

This haphazard assembly gave me an idea to reduce my collection a little by taking two of them and wrapping them around an old black skirt I no longer wear because I don't have an

annoying "smart casual" dress code for work anymore.

The method to this skirt is equally haphazard as it's dependent on the size of the squares as well as the shape of the skirt you have. I'd go for a skirt that has some structure to it and isn't made out of a floaty or stretchy material. Two classic 90x90cm square silk scarves should give you enough material to wrap and knot around the skirt.

I started off by sewing the edge of the scarf to the hem of the skirt and then knotted one corner of the scarf to another scarf. From there on end, it was a case of rucking, rolling and tucking and securing the scarves to skirt with stitches where necessary. I played around with the formation of the scarves' placement on the skirt before stitching them on to make sure the material of the scarf isn't flapping around. Apologies if I can't be more specific but I promise when you put scarf to skirt, you'll be able to "feel" your way around as to where the silky material should go.

Of course, I could well fashion a skirt out of scarves all by themselves but this feels like a more "secure" way of wearing my scarves as a skirt and also makes use of a wardrobe reject. J'aime mon carre jupe - not sure that even makes any sense. Damn my elementary French...

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