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How would you dress Florence Welch? This lucky girl did!

We've been tracking the cool stage style ofFlorence Welch, lead singer for Florence + the Machine, on her most recent tour and can't get enough of her rock goddess style.

Photos from the current tour, courtesy of Getty

Lucky joined forces with Florence and Talenthouse in sponsoring a design competition to create an outfit for Florence to wear during a performance at Terminal 5 in New York last month. Florence, her stylist Aldene Johnson and Lucky 's Jen Ford chose Cristina Adami's flowy peach ensemble as the winning look. The dress was the perfect fit for Florence's theatrical and romantic style. "We actually almost passed it by because we didn't know what was going on in the sketch," says Florence. "But when we were really able to look at the details and intricacy of the design, we were blown away."

The winning look by Cristina Adami, a London-based graphic designer-turned fashion designer, was inspired to create the dress--made from vintage Italian lace, sequins and flowers--by the second song on Welch's latest album, Rabbit Heart , and the film Alice in Wonderland . "The scene where she is spinning around in the teacup," muses Adami. "I was thinking of the spinning and moving onstage, like spinning around like a ball of light."

What do you think of Adami's theatrically romantic gown? Which of the four looks would you choose for Florence? Check out the fantastic runners-up below:

Left: Look by Kalvin Tsui. Right: Look by Oliver Doherty

Left: Look by Lauren Burns. Right:Look by Victoria Slota

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