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DIY: 21 Days of Resolutions

Day 9

Ever since I watched our fashion news director Jen Ford's dyeing tutorial, I have been obsessed with bringing more DIY into my life. Shopping for creative materials isn't only fun, but it gives you something way cooler to do on the weekends than sitting on the couch watching Jersey Shore reruns. An added benefit? People asking where you bought your scarf (handknitted!), admiring the vintagey buttons on your coat (switched them out!) and wondering who makes your curtains (me!). These sites are my favorite go-to spots for all things art, crafts and total DIY inspiration:

1. Purl Soho, purlsoho.com. Crafters can spend hours clicking through an array of sumptuously colored yarns and brightly patterned quilting fabric.

2. M&J Trimming, mjtrim.com. This place totally brings out the magpie in me with its jam-packed supply of all things buttons, beads and ribbons.

3. Kate's Paperie, katespaperie.com. From elegantly wrapping a gift to scrapbooking my heart out, Kate's never lets me down when it comes to paper projects.

4. Natural Pigments, naturalpigments.com. Taking homemade to another level, this e-tailer stocks the raw pigments and tools needed for mixing paints like an old world artist.

5. Pearl Paint, pearlpaint.com. Sort of like the Walmart of arts and crafts stores, I often find myself looking for one thing here and ending up with five instead.

6. Brooklyn General Store,brooklyngeneralstore.com. Charming and quirky, this Brooklyn based company provides an eclectic curation of sewing, knitting and crafting products.

7. P.S.-I made this..., psimadethis.com. Blogger Erica Domesek melds crafting and haute couture with her easy-to-follow instructional posts.

8. Design Sponge, designspongeonline.com. An endless resource for home design ideas, projects and tips--make sure you have some time to kill before you get on this site.

What types of DIY projects are you planning on doing in 2011 and where will you go shopping for them?

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