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Hair Accessories: 21 Days of Resolutions

Day 18

My daily hairstyles usually come in one of two modes: up or down. And when it comes to accessorizing my coif I either grab a Goody hair tie (one of many that have been strategically strewn about my apartment) or dig a couple of bobby pins from the bottom of my purse. However, after spotting many a model sporting gypsy scarves and cute barrettes on the spring runways, I have resolved to follow suit. Here's what I will be using to clip, pin and adorn my locks this year:

1. Sequined Flower Clip, $18, us.topshop.com. These golden sequins in an art deco arrangement look like something Daisy Buchanan would wear.

2. Three Green Hearts Leather Feather Clip, $30, swell.com. Soft feathers peeking out from beneath your hair add just the right touch of bohemian to your look.

3. Eugenia Kim, Print Kelly Ruffled Barrette, $77, shopbop.com. Wear a bow in an edgy graphic print and exaggerated size for a decidedly modern feel.

4. Lasso Pony Holder, $28, freepeople.com. Work these leather cords into any updo for an eye-catching mix of textures.

5. Maison Michel, $97.76, theoutnet.com. Tiny golden pearls instantly make a simple ponytail look dressy.

6. Precious Hands Small Beaded Hair Barrette, $18, shopplanetblue.com. Covered in brightly colored beadwork, this tribal patterned barrette looks like a souvenir from your world travels.

7. Wide Turban Knot Headband, $16, urbanoutfitters.com. Provides the effortless look of a scarf tied as a headband--without the headache of adjusting it all day.

8. Mimco Overblown Rose Hair Clip, $51.72, us.asos.com. An organic floral shape reworked in hard plastic and dark colors makes for a perfect combination.

Do you like to accessorize your hair or do you prefer to keep it simple?

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