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Healthy Investments: 21 Days of Resolutions

Day 14

Nutritious eating can be expensive, especially when you are often on the go. I cannot even count the number of times I have opted for a freshly made smoothie at the deli and then balked at the $10 charge. This year I have stopped the war between my health and my wallet by investing in tools to support a healthful lifestyle, without the hefty price tag. Following the same rules as cost-per-wear, I have figured that these smart buys have pretty much already paid for themselves.

1. Breville Juice Fountain Plus, $149, bedbathandbeyond.com. Bottled juice has nothing on the freshly-pressed-yourself, still-foaming-on-top variety. When buying a juicer aim for the most powerful model you can find so as not to limit the types of produce you can use in it.

2. Automatic Yogurt Maker, $49.95, williams-sonoma.com. Not only will you save an astronomical amount of money on individually prepared yogurt, but the homemade variety allows for complete creative control. Once you have mastered the easy formula try experimenting with different extracts and fruits!

3. Oster 12-Speed Combi Blender, $39.99, target.com. Whip up a breakfast smoothie in minutes to sip on your way to work (also especially tasty if used in conjunction with whatever you have recently juiced!).

4. Yo-Yo Plastic Mug Set, $17.95, bodumusa.com. Loose tea is not only much less pricey than teabags, but makes a more potent brew. A large strainer ensures that no loose pieces will find their way into your mug.

5. AeroGarden 3, $59.95, aerogarden.com. It makes me crazy when I have to buy an entire packet of herbs at the grocery store to use about a teaspoon in whatever I am cooking. Growing my own lets me pick as needed and gives me access to fresh seasonings year round!

How are you trying to be healthier in 2011? What are your secrets for doing it on the cheap?

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