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How to Turn a Weather-Restrictive Weekend Into a Fantasia of Fashion and Beauty

Neither snow nor rain (nor heat nor gloom of night) can stay the unstay-able glamour of renting Marie Antoinette, arming oneself with champagne and/or cakes, along with what ever nail polish color seems deeply indulgent to you at the moment--Sally Hansen Perfect Plum and Face Stockholm # 28 were the ones calling to me this weekend--and perhaps a face mask or two (Olay makes some that come in neat single-serving packages that do not glop all over the sofa), and performing the beauty treatments as you watch, drink and eat.

The fashion portion--a more dangerous portion--comes once the movie is over, and with champagne-fueled glee, you call up net-a-porter.com on the computer. Lanvin will be especially hard to resist after all the ribbons and bows and pearls, not to flog an old horse.

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

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