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Paper Goods: 21 Days of Resolutions

Day 20

Every month when I sit down to write my grandfather a letter I'm reminded of the joy in slowing down and doing things longhand. And while I don't plan on retiring my desktop and smartphone any time soon, taking the time to write things out on pretty paper is always going to be more special--and fun! Here is the batch of beautifully crafted, old-school paper goods that has inspired me to unclench my mouse and pick up a pen again.

1. Mateo Ilasco Weekly Notepad, $10.50, mateoilasco.bigcartel.com. I'd keep this cute little planning notepad stashed in my purse for organizing a daily schedule. My favorite part? The tear-away bar on the side for writing out shopping lists.

2. Reading Bookmark Pack by Martine Workman, $3.50,littleotsu.com. These bookmarks not only hold my place but enhance my reading experience--each provides ample space for recording favorite passages and general thoughts.

3. Pass-Along Recipe Cards, $14, shopscadonline.com. Next time a friend asks me for a recipe I'm going to take the time to fill out one of these whimsically illustrated recipe cards.

4. Japanese Washi Letter Set, 29.95, stationery-shop.finepapers.com. When sending someone a handwritten letter I always think about how excited I would be to receive one myself. It would completely make my day to open a message encased in this intricately designed, delicate Japanese paper.

5. Everyday Notecard Packs, $9, whimsypress.com. Keeping a box of pretty notecards on hand is a life-saver when it comes to unanticipated birthdays, thank-yous and congratulations.

6. Nature Exploration Stones Notebook, $13.50, ohjoy.com. From its alluring shimmery pattern to its scalloped edge, this notebook is a far cry from the Five-Stars I used in high school. Using this to gather my thoughts is much more relaxing than frantically punching reminders into my phone.

What are your favorite places to shop for cute paper, notebooks and cards?

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