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Style Crush: Did 'Black Swan' Make It Okay To Wear Tutus?

The following is a guest post from our friends at Crushable.

Tutus: They're fun, they're girly, and they're not just for your baby sister's princess costume anymore. The success of Black Swan and the hype surrounding those beautiful Rodarte-designed costumes make us want to wear tutus everywhere. Here's a gallery of celebs who have hopped on the tutu train (get it? like choo-choo... ugh) as well.

Left: Rihanna in a tutu skirt. Right: Whitney Port classing up the joint.

Left: Katy Perry wears tutus all the time. Right: See what we mean?

Left: Lara Flynn Boyle's famous Globes outfit. Right: Let's not forget Suri.

Left: What's going on here, Nicole Richie? Right: Debbie Harry can wear anything.

Left: White swan. Right: Black swan.

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