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Tabletop Style: 21 Days of Resolutions

Day 16

After making the effort to cook myself a nice meal, rarely do I take the time to serve it in the proper dishes my food deserves. Eggs in a mug? Sure, why not. Plastic fork from the bottom of my drawer? Less dishes later! This year I am breaking the microwave container cycle and amping up my mealtime ambience. Even if a pretty plate doesn't really make my food taste any different, it sure makes eating it a lot more fun! Here is a batch of tableware perfect for turning any meal into an impromptu dinner party.

1. Latte Bowls, $30, anthropologie.com. A rainbow of perfectly sized bowls, these work equally well for both cereal and side dishes.

2. Polka Dot Dinner Plate, $14.95, fishseddy. Festive, bright polka dots make every meal feel like an occasion.

3. Cutensils Cutlery Set, $29.99, modcloth.com. This hodgepodge of cheerfully patterned silverware is sure to add a little charm to your table.

4. Mykonos Placemat, $18, jonathanadler.com. I love how these placemats have a slightly Grecian, exotic feel--like you are leisurely eating at a Mediterranean resort.

5. Aluminum Tumblers Set, $34.95, surlatable.com. Add a retro flair to your drinks with these half dozen break-proof and stackable tumblers.

6. Beam Mug, $2.95, cb2.com. Oversized and sunny, this mug will style your beverage with a coffeeshop vibe.

How do you add style to your meals? What is your go-to place for tabletop shopping?

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