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The End-All, Wear-Them-Every-Day Ballet Flats (On Sale Now!)

While there are gazillions of ballet flats on the market (and as a dedicated flats-wearer, I feel like I've seen/tried just about all of them), Sue London's are in a league of their own.

First, they're done in luxuriously soft, supple leather, are really well-constructed and come in the most beautiful colors (like the red wine-hued pair seen here). They're perfectly simple and classic, with softly rounded toes, elastic backs that cup your ankles and flexible rubber soles that are super-comfortable for walking around. Plus, they're super-easy to slip on, fold down into practically nothing and arrive equipped with a coordinating leather drawstring pouch.

I've got a couple of pairs and wear them constantly: Not only do they go with any kind of outfit, but they're great for tucking into your purse if you want a secondary pair of shoes for commuting to/from work (and are so much more chic than Working Girl-style sneakers!), or even if you're going out at night in heels and want backup in the event your feet start to hurt. They're also excellent for travel, both to change into on the plane and/or to cram into your suitcase to wear while ambling around town.

There couldn't be a better time to get a pair of your own: They're on sale at Neiman Marcus at the moment in two different colors (besides the red, there's also a deep moss-hued option) for $107 (down from $179), and there are plenty of sizes to choose from as I type.

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