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Gucci Westman's Desert Goddess Makeup at Zero + Maria Cornejo

It's supposed to be 63 degrees this Friday in NYC! In honor of which I will be embracing this bronzy-golden look by Revlon artistic director/genius makeup artist/all-around glamorous girl Gucci Westman. This model looks skeptical, but "desert goddess" totally works for 63 degrees, in light of the piles of snow and ice that have become more or less permanent around NYC. Maybe she's from out of town. In any case, think windswept and bronze; if we build it, perhaps it (desert-like temperatures) will come.Here, the products I will be artfully blending together for Friday:

LIPS: ColorBurst Lipgloss in Gold Dust and Bronze Shimmer

EYES: CustomEyes Mascara in Black,ColorStay Eyeliner in Brown,CustomEyes Shadow in Naturally Glamorous and Sweet Innocence

FACE: Revlon Bronzer in Sunkissed Bronze

NAILS: Revlon Nail Enamel in Creme Brulee and Barely Peach

Photo: WWD

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