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Is Pretty Boring? Or, What to Wear With a Dominatrix Ponytail

Hot on the heels of his new West Village boutique and the launch of his soon-to-be-iconic Bento Box, Francois Nars, the French genius responsible for Orgasm and Dolce Vita, made a bold--and refreshing--statement at Marc Jacobs last night: "Pretty bores me; someone else can have pretty. But for Marc's show, I want interesting. And beautiful. Not just pretty. Give me interesting!" How does one approximate "interesting?"

Well, with their hair pulled into "dominatrix ponytails" by Guido Palau, the models' faces were primed for some serious makeup. Nars left their skin clean, and went heavy handed with his Lokum cream blush (citing as inspiration "those eccentric women you see on the street who might, say, use their own red lipstick as blush"), applying it low on the cheeks, near the mouth. He also took a different tack with eyeliner--using Via Veneto, his coming-soon new eyeliner--by doing the "anti-Audrey Hepburn": Instead of winging the liner out or ticking it up, it has an unexpectedly sexy, downward curve. Interesting, indeed--even, dare I say ...a little pretty?

Photo: WWD

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