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James Franco Fashion Alert

I know I'm the beauty editor, but I'm kind of wanting to channel James Franco and wear these Donald J. Pliner lace-up oxfords. The glamorous Jane Larkworthy, beauty director at W, was wearing lace-up oxfords last night and I was insanely jealous, and now this picture comes over the wire. He was photographed wearing them on the streets of Boulder, Colorado--where I went to college.Why did I go to college in Boulder, Colorado? Because you know the blow-in subscription cards that irritatingly fall out of every magazine you open? Have a look at the return address: Boulder, Colorado. I thought that was where they made all the magazines. Seriously. I thought I'd go, and pretty soon I'd find an internship at Mademoiselle, Glamour, maybe Vogue...

Coincidentally, I just watched Howl, starring James Franco on apple tv (EVERYONE get apple tv: instant happiness). SO good, must-watch, except for the mind-bendingly hideous animation, during which I closed my eyes. Closing your eyes and listening to James Franco read Allen Ginsberg is certainly not torture. In a further coincidence, Allen Ginsberg lived in Boulder for many years, and while in college, I was arrested--with Allen Ginsberg--in an anti-CIA-in-Central-America protest. We sat together during our 5-hour incarceration.

Lastly, appreciators of James Franco must all buy his book of short stories, Palo Alto, because it is fantastic.

P.S. Where did James Franco grow up? Palo Alto. And where did I grow up? Same.

Photo: Just Jared

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