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Spring is Coming (Finally!)--And With It, New Trends For Hair

We can't wait to trade our down coats and bulky boots for dresses and sandals--and along with that, to update our winter hairstyles (er, ponytail, anyone?) for something new and springtimey. We turned to our panel of experts in color, cut and curly hair for the latest in spring hair trends.

1. Ombre Highlights: Victoria Hunter of Whittemore House Salon: "The best way to see any trend is from the catwalk--last year, for the spring 2011 shows, the spring colors were a lot of pale, pale blondes and dark, dark brunettes. Despite what is happening on the catwalk, the biggest trend in color in the last couple of years has been darker roots and lighter ends, and variations of it--nearly every third person asks for it. I am positive we have not seen the end of the lighter ends and it will be even bigger this summer!" Whittemore House Salon, 45 Grove St., 212-242-8880, whittemorehousesalon.com

2. Sun-kissed Locks: Whitney Scott of Woodley & Bunny: "Coming into spring, my clients want to look like they've been vacationing in the sun. That means beachy tips and golden sunny tones, so I'll paint in highlights, especially around the face, to help brighten them up. It's a good idea to do it gradually and start now, so that when summer gets here, they really do look like they've been surfing or lounging on the beach somewhere. Plus, the more gradual it is, the more natural it looks and the healthier your hair will be." Woodley & Bunny, 196 N. 10th St., Brooklyn, 718-218-6588, woodleyandbunny.com

3. Short Bold Cuts: Ric Pipino of Pipino Salon: "Coming out of this winter, people will definitely go for strong, bold, shorter cuts for spring. Colors will pop more--there'll be more vibrant hues in highlights and single processes. We're going with shorter layers for longer hair, adding more movement and volume." Pipino Salon, 3 Centre Market Pl., 212-871-5533, pipino.com

4. Bouncy Curls: Lorraine Massey of Devachan Salon: "A lot of women are throwing away the blow 'fryer' and flat irons--it's aging when hair is dried. Josephine Baker-style flapper curls are great for multicultural curly-hair types--this looks great with a flower on the side. And bangs are definitely in, even with wavy hair." Devachan Salon, 560 Broadway, 212-274-8686, devachansalon.com

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