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Style Crush: Lindsay Lohan

The following is a guest post from our friends at Crushable.

Okay, so we know Lindsay Lohan is a super-controversial figure. There's the rehab thing and the stealing--and we know we're not immune to our own forms of Lindsay-bashing.But here are two things we want to say in Lohan's defense:

1. She's actually an incredible actress--a total charisma/comedy savant--and the only reason she can actually get away with this shit is because she's so talented.

2. She's got crazy good style! Sure, sometimes she forgets her pants (okay, most of the time she forgets her pants), and sometimes she looks like her closet vomited on top of her, but MOST of the time she looks totally awesome. Meaning: We'd literally kill to be able to raid her wardrobe (relax, just like an ant or a bottle of wine or something).

So check out Miss Lindsay's wardrobe hits--and just ignore those theft allegations for a minute or two.

Left: This Marc Jacobs dress is so super-hot. Right: Right? Like, yeah!

Left:Sparkles! Right:Edgy lady.

Left: In style is right! Right:I mean... it kinda works, right?

Left: God, we want this jacket. Right: This one too.

Right: Casual but rad.

Left: Yes!

Left: Total stud. Right: LBD FTW

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