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This Week I Want to Look Like: Keira Knightley and Kate Moss

If you live anywhere near the Northeast, you know this weather straight up blows. While my mind is already gearing up for fall 2011, we are still months away from the spring/summer shorts wearing season--without tights, that is. I've personally never been too keen on the trend, but Keira Knightley and Kate Moss may be swaying me to become a year-round shorts kind of gal.

Awesomely, neither of the two looks like she is going clubbing (which for some reason I associate with shorts in the winter). In fact, I love both of their outfits. So, my lesson learned is to keep the shorts trouser-like and mid-thigh and to pair them with a distressed leather belt and black opaque tights. What are your thoughts? Do you wear shorts off-season? Keep reading to see what pairs are in my shopping cart.

Petite Cupro paperbag shorts, $70, us.topshop.com;Rag & Bone Hampton high-waisted wool shorts, $265, net-a-porter.com

Old Navy Women's perfect khaki shorts, $22.50, oldnavy.com; Richard Chai Love cuffed shorts, $198.00, barneys.com

I'd Also Like to Look Like:

Elizabeth Olsen

Mila Kunis

Lykke Li

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