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Get the Look for Less: Alexa Chung

The fashion industry is nothing short of obsessed with former model and MTV star Alexa Chung, even going as far as to call her the new Kate Moss. I think it's her effortless style and the way she puts traditionally nerdy pieces, like buttoned-up oxford shirts, with sexy pieces, like short-shorts and high heels for a cute librarian look. And her hair! Whether it's the cut or the color--I can only imagine that hairstylists groan when yet another client pulls out a magazine tear of Ms. Chung. Get her look for much less here.

Photo Credit:Fairchild Archive

Clockwise, from top left: Matty's Wentworth oxford booties, $44.94. dsw.com.Urban Outfitters bird skull necklace, $24, urbanoutfitters.com.Leifsdottir tuxedo shorts, $89.95, leifsdottir.com.The Limited elastic tweed belt, $20.93, thelimited.com.American Apparel oxford shirt, $58, americanapparel.net

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