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Do Facials Cause Breakouts?

I always thought the answer to this was no--until it happened to me! A few days after a pretty intense facial, I noticed little bumps along my cheeks and chin and couldn't help but think that the breakout and facial had to be related. So I asked genius aesthetician Renee Rouleau(I got a facial from her once at her Dallas day spa and I swear people asked for a week after what I was on because my skin looked so airbrushed and glowy):

The short answer: No.

The long answer: Facials are not supposed to cause breakouts. If someone is telling you that facials bring all that congestion to the surface and that's why your face freaks out after a treatment--they're lying. If you do experience pimples, it's because a) the extractions were too rough or b) ingredients in the facial were too harsh. In either case, irritation was the result. Good aestheticians should be able to tailor a facial for you that won't cause any bad skin reactions (which is why those forms you fill out beforehand are so important). Quite simply, if you're breaking out from your facials, find another facialist. I may just have to fly down to Dallas to see mine.

Gorgeous, gorgeous skin backstage at Stella McCartney FW11

Photo: WWD

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