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BloesemKids, the delightfully adorable children's portion of the blog BloesemLiving, has become an indispensable resource for design-loving mothers across the globe. From afternoon crafts to delicious lunchbox ideas, creator Irene Hoofs writes about parenthood with charm and artistic insight. Irene will be blogging for us all week on Luckymag.com/kids to share her latest inspirations and project ideas.

Do you like crafting with your kids as much as I do? I often find my inspiration for new projects online. A couple of simple rules are needed for the projects in our house. They need to be easy, not too delicate and play-worthy.

image via: Domestic Candy

My boys are still a bit young for complex projects and being able to play with them afterwards is a must. Some examples that would work very well in our home are some of these I recently discovered on different blogs. I keep them in a folder on my computer, whenever in need I just scroll through my archives.

image via: Babyccino Kids

image via: Tokketok

How wonderul and easy is this idea to use simple Kraft Paper, you know the one you buy from Ikea or a craft shop. Just help your child draw a zoo, city or some roads and combine it with their own toys.

image via: BKids Craft Projects

Every child loves playing with shadows and making these easy puppetswill add to the fun.

images via: Famille Summerbelle

Perhaps a bit more complicated, but with a little help you can make a happy paper mobile like this one. How beautiful would it be to give it as a present to a newborn in the family?

image via: Fowl Single File

This alphabet is very high on my craft list for my almost five year old son. He is totally into writing and since he knows the alphabet it is fun to play with hand-made letters and create words.

Other ways to find great projects and ideas is to visit the crafts section on BloesemKids. Or treat yourself on one of these amazing books: Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham, and Play all Day.

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