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Lucky's Own Channels Alexa Chung (As Does Some Chick Named Brooklyn)

When it comes to people like Brooklyn Decker, I don't generally think there's room for much improvement. However, the gorgeous model proved me wrong when she tweeted a picture of herself after brilliantly ditching her super-long, beachy blond waves for a fresh, chin-length, Alexa Chung-inspired shag.

Photo Credit:Fairchild Archive

And now, Lucky's own Ray Siegel has followed suit, shearing her already shoulder-length hair into an even more adorable--and even more Alexa-esque--collarbone-length tousled bob. It's really the cherry atop the British style icon-inspired shorts/tights/red sweater/booties ensemble she's sporting today. Total Chung-ian perfection.

I can't help but consider going short myself. What about you?

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