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Marc By Marc Jacobs' 10th Anniversary Capsule Collection

As a fan since day one, I'm quite proud to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Marc by Marc Jacobs. To call myself a fan might be an understatement, since I have an archive (my closet) of nearly every piece from the first few collections punctuated by several more from the past decade. My high school uniform: the blue cargo jacket layered over a bright pink floral thermal. In honor of this monumental occasion, Marc by Marc is offering a limited-edition capsule collection that includes some of the "greatest hits" from over the years. The reissued styles will include the military jacket, military vest, military pants, military skirt, printed T-shirts and the iconic lacquer fruit belts, pins and necklaces. The collection goes on sale this Thursday March 10 at all Bloomingdales locations that carry Marc by Marc, as well as all Marc by Marc stores. In addition, 10 Bloomingdales locations will be hosting kickoff parties. Prices start at $68 and the entire collection maxes out at $300. Plus, you'll get a free gift with any $100 purchase. New Yorkers, I'll see you in Soho--we can raise a glass to all of the fun fashion Marc has given us over the last ten years. See details regarding the kickoff parties below!

Thursday, March 10, from 5-8PM

59th Street Kick Off Party

Beverly Center

Santa Monica

North Michigan

Friday, March 11, from 5-8PM

Century City

Saturday, March 12, from 2-5PM



Short Hills

San Francisco

Chevy Chase

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