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Chris McMillan + Michelle Williams = Pixie Perfection

It's my theory that your hair will always look its best a week after getting a good cut. And Michelle Williams proves my point perfectly. Stylist Chris McMillan--who has been rather busy the last few weeks--trimmed Williams' hair last week, which made her Oscars' prep quick and easy (so quick and easy that he even had time to do Marisa Tomei).

McMillan applied Kerastase mousse, then waited for Williams' makeup to be done. After that, he rubbed Murray's Pomade into his hands, wiped the product off, and applied just the remaining residue to her ends. Perhaps that's why she seemed so heavenly, as if she were lifted down on a cloud--because she didn't sit in hair and makeup for five hours! Of course, that gorgeous Chanel gown didn't hurt either...

Photo: Getty Images

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