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One-on-One With Model/Actress Liya Kebede

Liya Kebede is many things: a supermodel, an activist who advocates for maternal health globally (via the World Health Organization and the Liya Kebede Foundation) and an actress--a really great one at that, as her starring role in the indie Desert Flower proves. The movie, opening in NY and LA on March 18, is based on Waris Dirie's New York Times best-selling autobiography of the same name and recounts her inspirational journey from African nomad to international top model (in the process exposing the hard facts about forced marriage and female genital mutilation). Here, Liya opens up about her starring turn as Dirie and about her habit of borrowing clothes from her husband (hey, this is Lucky--it can't be all heavy stuff). Check out the Desert Flower movie trailer here and click below to see Kebede tell us all about this truly beautiful film.

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