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Paris Fashion Week Scorecard: Alexander McQueen

The Vibe: Sarah Burton, Alexander "Lee" McQueen's successor, dubbed the theme of this collection "The Ice Queen and Her Court," and the looks were indeed fit for a queen. These pieces are pure couture--laden with fur, dripping with zippers and even embellished with broken glass--and are not likely to be seen in line for the taco truck on your next lunch break. Harness tops and waist-cinching belts pay homage to some of McQueen's earlier collections.

The Accessories:
Lace-up, patent leather dominatrix-style platform boots that remind me of Marilyn Manson. We hope they have a zipper up the back lest the wearer spend the greater part of a day putting them on.

What We Love: The confectionary white gowns that set the Twittersphere abuzz with their Kate Middleton-on-her-wedding day appeal.

Photo Credits:Fairchild Archive

Photo Credit:Style.com

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