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The Diaper Bag That Replaced My Balenciaga (Sort of!)

When I discovered I was pregnant with our first child I was so excited. Not for the baby, but for the accessories! I pictured myself in cute cropped pants, a driving loafer, and a scarf tied around my neck Audrey Hepburn-style, pushing the trendiest (read: most expensive on the market) of strollers with a gorgeous diaper bag. Well, flash-forward nine months and guess what?

My colicky daughter had a little accident on the stroller we tried in the store (curse those leaky diapers!), and then ended up hating the one we bought, so it gathered dust for the rest of its existence while we used a cheap-and-cheerful Graco. As for the diaper bag? My husband (heretofore known as The Saint) bought me the most gorgeous Balenciaga oversized tote in a deep inky blue that made me swoon every time I saw it. Never mind that when I put all the requisite stuff in it for outings avec bebe it was so heavy that it needed its own stroller, or the fact that dirty diapers and messy bottles don't really GO with a Balenciaga tote. So I reverted back to the cheap nylon bag that the hospital gave us when we checked out and ended up using that until the stuffing came out.

So when I came across Nest Diaper Bags, I was pleasantly surprised. They are stylish and reasonably priced (from $150 to $385) and they get the job done. Let's face it, you need a bag that has pockets for pacifiers, diapers, formula, etc. and it should have a nylon lining that can be easily wiped down. Save the Balenciaga bags for nights on the town with the gals!

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