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Emmy Rossum's Not-So-Shameless Beauty Secrets

The ever-ebullient Emmy Rossum, star of Showtime's hit Shameless , is teaming up with Suave Haircare today to launch Canyoutell.com, a site that smartly compares hair styled with the reformulated Suave Professionals line next to salon-only products (and asks you to tell the difference). Naturally, I took the opportunity to find out how she looks so glowy and fresh all the time, like she's just slid off a giant, dew-kissed rose petal:1. Chanel Blush Duo Tweed Effect in Tweed Pink: "I will always put on a cheek--I could have on no eye makeup or concealer or anything but if I have on blush, I feel like it makes me look more awake."

2. Diorshow Mascara: "The best for making your lashes really stand out."

3. Jane Iredale Puregloss in Raspberry: "Such a gorgeous color--and I love that it doesn't contain petrochemicals."

4. Arcona White Tea Cleanser: "I actually look forward to using this at the end of the day. It really keeps my skin clear!"

5. Suave Vibrant Shine Mist: "I spray this in every morning--whether or not I've washed and blow-dried my hair--it's a really easy way make my thick hair look instantly healthier."

Photo: Courtesy of Suave

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