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Style Sound Bite: Madewell Designer Kin Ying Lee

Madewell has earned a permanent place in our hearts for its focus on basics--jeans, chinos, sweaters, T-shirts--that have just the right amount of coolness and element of design to them. Add in the company's recent (and forthcoming) collaboration with Alexa Chung, and you basically have a brand that takes up half of our closet space at any given time. Yesterday, we went down to their showroom to see what was on tap for fall, and we were not disappointed.

It felt like we had stumbled into the chicest office this side of Madison Avenue circa 1950, complete with pushpin collages, Post-It art and typewriters--the latter of which were manned by the performance artist duo known as The Bumbys, who were on hand to dish out appearance appraisals. The clothes--layered for that signature mix of texture and fabric--were simply perfection in all of their collegiate-meets-Ali Macgraw glory.

Check out our interview with Head of Design, Kin Ying Lee here:

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