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Cute Music Girl Alert: Oh Land

Nanna Oland Fabricius--who goes by the phonetic pronounciation of her middle name, Oh Land--is a musician who seems to march to the beat of her own...whatever her (oftentimes handmade) instrument of choice happens to be at any given moment. This Brooklynite by way of Copenhagen creates a truly unique blend of lush electronic music, which isn't surprising, given her background--Mom is an opera singer and Dad is a composer and organist. Originally a ballerina, Oh Land got her start after a serious back injury prevented her from dancing, which led to songwriting, recording and ultimately becoming an incredible performer, as you can see in her video for her hit song "Son of a Gun." We caught up with the artist at a recent exhibition and performance at the Charles Bank Gallery in New York City to talk style--both on stage and off--where she gets her insanely cool shoes, and rock star beauty tips. Read on and be sure to check out her insanely good, recently debuted self-titled album if you haven't already.

Who are your style influences?
My sister was my first introduction to fashion. She would send home magazines like ID and Vogue--which you couldn't get in Denmark--and I would be so fascinated with all of the costumes. To me, fashion was playing with characters and emotions, and we tried to re-create a lot of the pieces that we saw. My mom was quite good at sewing!

How do you decide what you're going to wear on stage?I always want it to be something that initiates from the music--something that fits the mood of the songs and the set and the surroundings. When I do an up-tempo set at club gigs with a full electronic setup, I go with something floaty. I like to move and accentuate the music, and wear things that give me a lot of space and freedom. And for a night like this, where it's more intimate and much more acoustic, I choose something tighter because I don't need to move that much.

So which do you lean toward when you're off stage?I wear a lot of both--really oversize or really tight! I never wear jeans. I don't even own a pair of jeans. I wear a lot of cape- and tent-like things, but decorated in a more exciting way, like kimono-style or with things that have a fairy-tale-like element or an otherworldly feel to them. I love Hussein Chalayan and Tsumori Chisato, and prints from Miu Miu. I like anything that has some sense of humor in it that doesn't take itself too seriously and that makes me dream.

What was the last thing you bought that you loved?A pair of Pink Fred Astaire [Christian] Louboutins. They are flat tap shoes that are pink, shiny and amazing.

What are your on-stage beauty tricks?Eyeliner can save everything, and if you don't have any eyeliner, use a Sharpie. It works just as well. It's a little hard to get off, but it looks great and stays on!

Miu Miu bird print booties

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