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Style Crush: Lake Bell

The following is a guest post from our friends at Crushable.

On Monday we walked out of our office to grab a cup of coffee and stumbled right onto the How to Make It In America set. Which made us think: "Man, how stylish is that Lake Bell?" Super stylish, as it turns out. The proof is in the gallery.

left: Kind of a Transformers thing going on.right: Coquettish schoolgirl meets pouty hipster.

left: LBD plus a belt. right: LBD plus belt, part deux.

left: Super Lake to the rescue! right: Want those boots, please.

left: The color of royalty. right: Cute! Is there chocolate inside?

left: Purple and lace for Miss Lake. right: With Bryan Greenberg and yellow.

left: That looks kind of dangerous! right: A second skin in blue. Avatar style?

left: Simple but rad purple shirt goes a long way. right: See what we mean?

left: Your black swan is perfect.

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