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The Opposite of Snooki Might Be ...Sookie!

I love Anna Paquin's rocker-girl-meets-Grace-Kelly hair (stylist Giannandrea did it) at the the Los Angeles premiere ofScream 4on Monday. (So I guess calling her Sookie is a little off-message, but forgive me, I could not resist.) Here, in his own words, how he created the look:

"I started by applying Kerastase Volume Active Mousse to wet hair, all over the head, roots and length. I then dried the whole head with just warm air--no brushing--just using my hands from side to side, back and forth, down and up all around, in order to keep a natural feel and build volume at the roots. Next, I brushed with a Mason Pearson and added texture with Klorane Dry Shampoo Powder."

"Then I pulled the hair back gently on the side and very soft at the top, as I wanted it to look natural in a way that wasn't too constructed, almost as if she did it herself. I began to twist the back into a soft, messy bun. Using straight pins, I twisted each pin at the sides, back and all around the head in order to create clean visual texture. A bit of messiness and a few flyways are okay. I finished with Framesi Hair Spray."

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

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