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Vintage-Inspired Bathing Suits for Those Who are Afraid to Go Vintage

Atlanta-based Rhiannon Leifheit originally launched her site, liebemarlene.com, as a companion to her expertly curated and gently priced online store, Liebemarlene Vintage. Now it's become a hub to peep her insanely cool, retro-inflected personal style, as well as a place to read her musings about all things stylish, past and present. We're thrilled to have Rhiannon guest-blogging for us all week on luckymag.com, where she'll be sharing her second-hand shopping expertise and more!

In my opinion, the best-looking swimsuits are the vintage ones--glamorous, Rita-Hayworth-worthy one-pieces from the 1940s, bikinis with extra-high waists circa 1960.... But unfortunately, all of my vintage bathing suit purchases have ended in failure. Maybe I just have trouble finding ones in the perfect size, but there are always weird fit issues--strange 1950s padding sticking out in strange places, etc. So a few years ago, I started buying new, vintage-inspired suits, and I'm hooked. Now, I don't really need to be swimsuit shopping--I just got a polka dot bikini with a high waist last year--but if I were on the hunt for another one (again, purely hypothetically), here's what I'd buy:

1. Long Soak Bikini at Anthropologie: I love the simplicity of this one; blue and white stripes, with a flattering shape.

2. Minnow Bathers One Piece Floral Bather: Minnow Bathers is a swimwear company from Canada, and I'm obsessed with its old-school-made-new designs.

3. Samantha Pleet Tide Suit at NeedSupply: Reason I have two different Samantha Pleet suits on the list: I'm in love with her spring collection. I already have a polka dot suit, but I'd settle for this one too.

4. Samantha Pleet Siren Suit at Bona Drag: Pretty and quirky at the same time, with side bows!

5. Evelyn Maillot at Anthropologie: I'm not one for lots of pink, but this one has such a perfect shape that I'd wear it in a heartbeat.

6. Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Floral Bikini: My favorite! I love the '90s print and the '50s shape, and the colors couldn't be better.

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