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Who Needs Creed? Do YOU Need Creed? Which City Most Deserves Creed Street Cred?

The gorgeous glamorous Creed perfume company has taken New York, with its wildly successful Madison Ave. boutique. And they are enchantingly open to suggestion re: their next American city. Should it be yours? Would your life be complete if you could just run down to the street, pop in at the new Creed, and grab yourself a quick Silver Mountain Water?

If so, vote for your city on the CREED blog: to be the home of the next CREED boutique. One vote (or suggestion, if you don't see your city on the list) per person. Voting ends May 15.

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

We're sure that you've noticed the flood of spam in the comments section lately. Spammers beware--we are completely on top of it. As we figure out a way to put a stop to this madness, we ask you for your patience and that you don't stop leaving your own comments, because we love hearing from you!