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Cute Bike-Friendly Clothes

Riding my bike around New York is one of my favorite springtime activities. Unfortunately, national bike week is presently coinciding with a period of unrelenting rain in NYC, and my poor bike has still not transitioned from veritable coat rack to, well, functioning bicycle. Today however, the Frisky's 5 Essentials for a Bike-Friendly Outfit has me literally gearing up for sunnier skies. I am feeling incentivized to not only dust off my trusty ride and remove the shopping bags and sombrero (don't even ask) that have steadily accumulated on its handlebars, but to invest in some cute new bike-friendly wear. See below for some adorable and functional sporty(ish) staples, and click here to see more picks from our friends at the Frisky's. Also, be sure to check out Lucky's Tumblr where we're posting our readers' favorite pictures of their own bike style. You can share too! Just leave us a pic in our submissions box or e-mail it to feedback@luckymag.com. And remember--always wear a helmet!

Soludos flat espadrilles, $26, shopbop.com; American Apparel stretch short, $26, americanapparel.net

Madewell hoodie, $49.99, madewell.com; Ray-Bans, $44.99, larayban.com

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

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