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Even If You Don't Surf, Pret-A-Surf is a Closet Requirement--Trust!

It seems like only yesterday I was layering up with warm sweaters (actually, yes, it was yesterday), but on this summer Friday I'm finally ready to start thinking about a more summery, surfer-y look. So no, I'm not a surfer--though lessons are a part of my summer agenda--but Pret-a-Surf's collection makes me want to walk around pretending to be one. Founded by industry insiders Jillian Demling (entertainment editor at Vogue ) and Karen Mulligan (studio manager for the photographer Annie Leibovitz), the line is designed by active (and deeply stylish) women who were smart enough to recognize the lack of fashiony activewear in the market. Geniuses! And the pieces are so chic that even amateurs like myself who stick to boogie boarding will want to wear them while chilling beachside, conjuring up fantasies of Kate Bosworth circa Blue Crush . I never even saw that movie, but in the trailer, her athleticism and beach style inspired me nonetheless, much like my new favorite line. I'm buying these pieces as I write this. Tell me about your ideas for your new summer look!

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