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Every Girl Should Own: A Denim Jacket

Remember when pairing your denim jacket with a hypercolor t-shirt, jean shorts and Reebok high-tops was the ultimate of cool? We sure do. Well, it's time to dust that baby off, because it's back. Last summer we lived in our shrunken cargo jacket, this summer the jean jacket is taking it's spot in the sun. Lou Doillon, French actress and arbiter of all things chic, shows us how it's done. Black body-con dress, perfect peep-toe heel and her denim jacket, which doesn't scream, but subtly whispers, yep, I'm cool. Styling Tips:--Throw it over a dress to take the fancy down just a notch. --Wear it with a wide-leg pant to bring a little Lower East Side to a traditionally Upper East Side look. --Channel the spring runways (holla Stella McCartney and Derek Lam!) and pair it with your favorite jeans for a full-on denim on denim look.

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

We're sure that you've noticed the flood of spam in the comments section lately. Spammers beware--we are completely on top of it. As we figure out a way to put a stop to this madness, we ask you for your patience and that you don't stop leaving your own comments, because we love hearing from you!