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Get Ready to Show Some Leg with These Adorable Summer Skirts

Bare-leg season is finally, blessedly upon us. Still, it's a little scary to reveal legs that are--how shall we put this?--still recovering from their winter pallor. However, our friends at the Frisky have assembled a tempting lineup of adorable spring skirts to help coax us into season-appropriate shorter hems. And the most alluring part? Each option is under $25.

That's crazy affordable, even if you're planning on tossing in a package (or four) ofself-tanning wipes to go with them. See below for some of our favorite picks, and click here to view The Frisky's 25 Awesome Spring Skirts Under $25 in its entirety.

Gap skirt, $14.99, gap.com; Forever21 skirt, $22.80, forever21.com

Forever21 skirt, $15.80, forever21.com; Forever21 skirt, $17.80, forever21.com

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