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Guest Blogger Piper Weiss' Most Fashionable Moms, Part Two

Mom: Myrna, Era: 1960s

Forrest Gump, biopics of the '60s starring Amy Smart and various baby boomer pharmaceutical commercials would like you to believe that in 1968, everyone was wearing tie-dye, painting daisies on their cheeks and dancing to "Break on Through." In fact, Myrna Stone had a very different look during her summer of love.

This photo, from my book My Mom Style Icon, was a gift from Myrna to her new husband. He'd just been drafted to Vietnam, and only days after their wedding he feared he'd never see his bride again. So Myrna put on her shortest shorts and posed for a photographic keepsake while he was overseas. "It kept getting stolen from his stuff, so she had to keep reprinting it and sending it again," says daughter Moira. While her original outfit is one-of-a-kind, I managed to create a modern day reproduction.

Lace yoke tank, $10.80, forever21.com; "Bianca" sateen high-waisted shorts, $238, Marc by Marc Jacobs, bloomingdales.com

Satin ribbon headband, $8, mydivascloset.com;Vintage Lucite earrings, $24, etsy.com

Piper Weiss is the author of My Mom Style Icon ( momstyleicons.blogspot.com) and an editor at Yahoo! Shine. She is also a Lucky columnist and will be guest-blogging for us all week, right up until Mother's Day.

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