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How to Pull Off the "Goth Little Girl" Trend by Thefutureimperfect.com

On thefutureimperfect.com, Davinia Arias and Luis Rubi ingeniously break down trends by historical inspiration, color palettes, must-buy items, illustrations and original fashion shoots. Lucky for us, Arias will be guest-blogging about five of her favorite looks--and how to get them--this week on Lucky Right Now.

Vichy checks, see-through dresses, baby-inspired necks, bustiers and corsets, platforms and socks, big bows and golden crosses--it's these elements that lend this dark-cute look such a grown-up, sexy twist. Start with a base layer made up of soft colors and vichy checks, and add a dark leather corset for some contrast and structure. Then soften and blend the outfit together with a baby-inspired neck detail and a see-through black dress.

These are the key accessories of the look:

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