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It's All About: The Day Clutch

Too many straps weighing you down? Tired of feeling like a bag lady? Pick up one of these three remedies and not only will your load instantly be lighter, but the compliments will be flowing it at an alarming rate--trust me--I have a lot of day clutches. And, my dear friend and fellow writer, Kofi really wants to know where to find a good one, so I figured you'd all be wondering the same thing. Where do you find a good day-clutch?

Photo Courtesy of Reece Hudson

Reece Hudson Oversized Clutch

I own this and wear it frequently. The python is among the nicest I've seen, so if you're into exotic skins, this you shouldn't miss out on this experience. Plus, since it's jungle green (it's actually more of a real green, but I just like saying jungle) whatever you're wearing instantly becomes a thousand times more interesting and edgy. I guess what I'm saying is, this clutch will make you look extremely cool!

Alexander Wang Adele Clutch

For all of you practical shoppers, this option really is good bang for your buck. At first glance it may seem simple, but it's all in the details--meaning the cool foldover feature and the trim. Plus, it's named after one of our favorite singers, Adele. As my co-worker John Jannuzzi once tweeted, "She's my everything."

Topshop Coral Clutch

This casual version clearly signifies daytime. Coral is a big color this spring, so incorporate it into your accessory rotation to keep things fresh. Try this one with a pair of red pants, a white or nude top and leopard print flats or heels.

Tell me, where else you can buy a good day clutch?

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