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Sample Sale Lowdown: Rebecca Minkoff

We arrived at Rebecca Minkoff's VIP sale kickoff a couple hours after it had started yesterday, but just in time to witness an already crowded room escalate into full-on shopping pandemonium. Heart-thumping Lady Gaga beats blared throughout the venue as die-hard fans stacked multiple purses on their arms. Stock was vast and frequently replenished, a vitural sea of rich leather piled across dozens of tables that was total handbag nirvana.

Pretty much every style of Minkoff's was up for grabs, and although the markdowns are not bargain-basement, they are an awesome deal if you are stalking a specific style. We spotted the designer's classic Morning After bag in an assortment of hues (priced $327 from $595) , her chain-strapped studded Boyfriend cross-body ($178 from $295) and the timeless over-the-shoulder Nikki ($327 from $495). There is a table of original samples available, too, but don't expect to find much difference in price--many of these unique pieces will still set you back at least $200. For the Minkoff fan on a budget, small leather accessories such as looped bracelets ($30, from $48 to $58) and the adorable little Cory pouch ($35, from $65) were laid out on a separate table as a side dish to the handbag feeding frenzy.

Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale

Wednesday, May 11 through Sunday, May 15.

Wed--Sat 10am--7pm, Sun 11am--5pm.

155 Fifth Ave between 21st and 22nd Sts (no phone)

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