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Style Sound Bite: Tommy Hilfiger

You may be sick of hearing the term pop-up shop, but are you familiar with a pop-up house? If not, Tommy Hilfiger would love to introduce you to the concept. This past week the designer showed a spring/summer capsule collection, titled Prep World, in a white-shingled house that looked like it was plucked out of Nantucket and dropped in the middle of the Meatpacking District, Wizard of Oz-style.

The story gets even crazier--the entire structure is going to be disassembled and reassembled in cities across the U.S. (Cali residents take note--Tommy opens shop in L.A. from June 10th-12th) and Europe! But back to the clothes and accessories: The collection was classic Tommy prep, but with a twist--lots of stripes and madras, with a bit of neon thrown in. Check out our interview with Hilfiger, in which he talks about his clean-cut aesthetic and, speaking of homes, also divulges what life was like growing up chez Hilfiger.

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