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Summer Beauty Shortcuts

My friend Marti, a college freshman, rarely bothers with makeup: A former swimming champion turned coach, she's in and out of the pool all day. Still, she looks consistently gorgeous. The trick, she says, entails lots of sunscreen and one totally season-appropriate indulgence.

Marti's foolproof sunscreen: Banana Boat Ultra Defense Continuous Spray Clear Sunscreen SPF 50. "I love spray sunblock because it's simple to apply, and makes it so much easier to reach my back," she says. "This one dries quickly and is very water resistant." Her indulgence: Deep Sea Cosmetics Dead Sea Facial Peeling Gel. "What I like about it is that it's so not time-consuming," says Marti. "You just apply a thin coating of this gel on your skin, let it dry for a minute, and then rub it off. In the process, it sucks all the dirt and oil out of your pores, exfoliates, moisturizes, and leaves your skin soft and glowing--it's amazing. One application and I'm set for the week!"

Photo: Marti with her dog Arthur, having a swim in Biscayne Bay.

What's with All the Spam in the Comments Section?

We're sure that you've noticed the flood of spam in the comments section lately. Spammers beware--we are completely on top of it. As we figure out a way to put a stop to this madness, we ask you for your patience and that you don't stop leaving your own comments, because we love hearing from you!